Wall of Tears + Wetlands Tour


We will begin our adventure by bicycle and our first destination is the “Arnaldo Tupiza” Turtle Breeding Center. 


What you will probably see

4 types of mangroves, corals, marine iguanas, giant tortoises, panoramic view of the island, endemic vegetation of the island and endemic birds typical of the area.



All passengers must arrive at the agency at 8h30, where they will meet their naturalist guide, and we will prepare all the equipment.

We will begin our adventure by bicycle and our first destination is the “Arnaldo Tupiza” Turtle Breeding Center. The Isabela Turtle Breeding Center is located 1.5 km from Puerto Villamil, in this Breeding Center the Galapagos of the populations of Isabela Sur (Sierra Negra and Cerro Azul Volcanoes) are reproducing in captivity: Cazuela, Cinco Hills, Roca Unión, San Pedro, Tablas and Cerro Paloma. The turtles feed three times a week, basing their diet on Otoy and Cachimuela plants. The water is taken from small artificial lagoons that exist within the corrals, also the Breeding Center has beautiful gardens composed of native plants, such as manzanillo, carob,, palo santo, cat’s claw, hawthorn, chala, horse’s knee, cotton,, muyuyo, rooster , myrtle, chililica and Galapagos margarita.

Once our activities are finished, we are mounting our bicycles and go to our second point called “Los Humedales”, on the way we can see giant tortoises in their natural state, we can also enjoy several interesting resting places: among them “El estero”, the only place where you can see the 4 types of mangroves in Galapagos

El Estero is a 227m path bounded by 1.5 meter wide lava rocks. It consists of a picnic site where the population goes to carry out recreational activities. At this site you can see the four mangrove species present in Galapagos and a small majagual forest. It is part of the stories and legends of the time that the penal colony in Isabela was present.

La Poza Escondida is a stone and wood path where the main attraction is the mangrove forest and at the end of this there is a pool.

There is a coral beach where many iguanas come to mate and nest, something incredible is the Mirador whose name is “Cerro Orchilla”, where after climbing some stairs you can enjoy a spectacular view of the island.

Finally we go to our most important, famous and historical “Wall of tears”, which is full of very important stories, you can see how it was formed from heavy rocks and the lives of the inmates who built this wall.

The return to the port is at approximately 12h00 .

* This itinerary is subject to change at the discretion of the Galapagos National Park and its naturalist guide. In certain cases, depending on weather conditions. We take safety seriously and always strive to provide you with the best and safest experience.

* In light of the pandemic, we will implement strict cleaning policies. Each piece of equipment will be thoroughly disinfected between uses, and the agency and ground transportation will be cleaned daily. Hand sanitizer will be available at all times.


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