Tour package Darwin Bay | 03 Days/02 Nights


Live the best experience with us and learn more about the fauna and flora of the Galapagos Islands, the cradle of evolution!

Itinerary B: 03 Days/02 Nights











Day 1: Arrival in San Cristóbal.

Arrival in San Cristobal Island, assistance and welcome at the airport by our representative. Transfer by private car to the hotel. Hotel accommodation.

Lunch in the restaurant.

In the afternoon 14h30, you will have a guided tour to the upper part of the island.

The tour includes: a naturalist guide, snacks, transportation.

What you will probably see: giant land tortoises, frigatebirds, petrels, pelican, finches, different types of endemic plants, etc.

Itinerary: You get pick up at the hotel, to go to the agency, where you will meet your  naturalist guide, we will prepare all the equipment and personal things to later make the tour.

We will board our car to our first point of visit.

We will make our first stop at Laguna el Junco,in this dormant volcano,you  will have a guided hike to the top of the volcano, where we will appreciate a lagoon formed by the constant rains in the upper part of the island. At this point you will have a panoramic view of the island as it has a height of 650 meters above sea level. Here you can observe different birds flying over the place such as finches, frigates, petrels, etc.

Then we will continue with our second point of visit which is La Galapaguera,a natural laboratory that belongs to the National Park. In this breeding center we will have a guided walk around the place, where you can appreciate the imposing species of turtle Geochelone Chatamensis. In this place you can observe how turtles are bred and protected from invasive species.

The third point is Puerto Chinobeach, a beautiful white sandy beach on the east side of the island, where we will hike and you can relax and have a moment of recreation. You will be able to observe the particular hill of the beach where coincidentally  flying over blue-footed boobies. You can also snorkel where you can observe sea warblers, rays, sea lions, a variety of fish species, etc.

The tour concludes at approximately 18h00.

Snack in the restaurant at 19h30.

Overnight at the hotel.

Day 2: Boat trip with snorkel activity around the island (360)

Breakfast at the hotel at 6h45.

On this day, you will have an excursion to the best 5 places on San Cristobal Island, the famous Leon Dormido, cerro brujo Sardina Bay, Punta Pitt ,and Bahia rosa blanca. To see the greatest biodiversity of marine life.

The tour includes: a nature guide, all snorkeling equipment,transportation, lunch and snacks.

What you’ll probably see: Galapagos sharks, black and whitetip sharks, hammerhead sharks, reef sharks, sea turtles, manta rays, sunfish, dolphins,  sea lions, starfish, sea urchins, assorted fish species, red-footed, blue-footed, Nazca boobies,  pelicans, finches, and frigatebirds.

Itinerary: You get picked up  at the hotel at 7h15, to go to the agency,where we will prepare everyone with snorkeling equipment,which includes a short wetsuit,  fins, a mask and snorkel.

At 7:30a.m., we will head to Muelle Acuario I and Zarpe, where you will meet your naturalist guide and board the boat.

Navigation and disembarkation in Rosa Blanca,where you can snorkel in the lagoonof Rosa Blanca where it ispossible to observe turtles,  rays, sea lions, reef  sharks  and different species of fish. Also in this same place you will have a relaxing moment on a beach.

Sailing on the islet Punta Pitt,the only place on the island where you can seet the red-footed booby and other types of endemic birds. Depending on the  ocean conditions we do sportfishing in this place to catch tuna and wahoo.

Navigation through Sardina Bay,where we will have our  lunch on board the boat. Later on we will disembark to make a walk and enjoy    the beach. If you   wish, you can snorkel and observe sea lions, rays, sea turtles and different species.

Navigation to Cerro Brujo,at this place you will observe the cathedral, an arch formed naturally:an impressive geological structure, in this point you can take fotos, it is also possible to observe endemic birds around the place.

Navigation to the Islote  León  Dormido, once in the place, the naturalist guide will give you  the briefing, then you  will prepare to perform a snorkeling session. Here you can observe  the Galapagos shark, white and black tip sharks, hammerhead shark, turtles, manta rays, sunfish, dolphins, sea lions, starfish, sea urchins, and different types of fish, etc. In the same way you will enjoy the landscape of the  majestic islet León Dormido that is located on the  eastsideof San Cristóbal Island. Around the rock we can observe impressive birds such as tropical birds, frigates,blue-footed and Nazcapiq uero,glued legs petrel, and lava gulls.

The return time is approximately  16h30 in the afternoon depending on   the ocean conditions.

* This itinerary is subject to change at the discretion of the Galapagos National Park and its naturalist guide. For example, you can visit Leon Dormido  first and  Bahía Rosa Blanca at theend, in certain cases, depending on ocean conditions. We take safety seriously and always strive to provide you with the best and safest experience.

Snack in the restaurant at 19h30.

Overnight at the hotel.

Day 3: Interpretation Center, Cerro Tijeretas, Punta Carola / Departure.

Breakfast at the hotel 7h30.

In the morning  8h00,you  will have a guided tour to the Interpretation Center, Tijeretas, and Punta Carola.

The tour includes: a naturalist guide, snorkeling equipment, transportation.

What you will probably see: sea turtles, sea lions, rays, starfish, different types of fish, frigate, pelican, finches, different types of endemic plants, etc.

Itinerary: you get  picked up at the hotel, we will board our vehicle to go to our first point of visit.

The interpretation center, in this incredible place we will know all the detailed information on how the islands were formed, their marine currents, the history of how they came to be colonized, and their progress to the present day.

Then we will go to the cerro de las tijeretas, here we will be able to appreciate a beautiful panorama of the city and we will also see the fantastic  Bay of Darwin, the guide will talk a about the site and the animals which  can be observed around it, such as frigates. , pelicans, blue-footed boobies, finches, cucuve, etc. and you  will have enough time to take pictures.

Continuing with our tour and , we go down to Darwin Bay, a charming place where you can do a snorkeling activity to appreciate the aquatic creatures found in this paradise. Here you can see octopuses, sea turtles, sea lions, starfish, lobster, urchins, rays, prickly pear, bat fish, etc.

Then we will head to Punta Carola Beach, here you will have another pleasure  to snorkel if you wish or relax on the beach at all times your guide will giving you an explanation of the place.

Once the activity is over, we will return to the Hotel to collect your luggage and go to the airport.


* In light of the pandemic, we will implement strict cleaning policies. Each piece of equipment will be completely disinfected between uses, the agency and the boat will be cleaned daily. Hand sanitizer will be available at all times. Always maintaining appropriate distancing for your safety.

We take safety seriously and always strive to provide you with the best and safest experience.



  • Hotel Emanuel
  • Hotel León Dormido


  • Mockingbird
  • Rosita’s Restaurant


  • Accommodation in selected hotels and rooms.
  • All meals (breakfast-lunch and dinner) *Menu of the day.
  • Land and sea transportation in Galapagos.
  • Bilingual naturalist guide, on each island visited or activity.
  • Scheduled Visits.
  • Snorkel equipment (Visor, fins, snorkel tube).
  • All diving equipment.


  • Air Ticket from/to Galapagos.
  • Entrance to the Galapagos National
  • Immigration Control Card.
  • Water taxi between docks and
  • Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

NOTE: “The itinerary is always subject to change without notice, due to seasonal changes, weather conditions, last-minute adjustments to Galapagos National Park visitation policies, and last-minute operational circumstances.”




Accommodation in selected hotels and rooms


All meals (breakfast-lunch and dinner)


Land and sea transportation in Galapagos


Bilingual naturalist guide, on each island visited or activity


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