Kicker Rock Day Tour

San Cristobal

1 day




5 years


Tour Details

Immerse yourself in a unique adventure in the Galápagos archipelago with our exciting Tour to Kicker Rock. Join us as we explore the crystal-clear waters and discover the spectacular volcanic lava rock rising majestically from the ocean. With our top-notch snorkeling equipment, we’ll provide you with everything you need to dive into this underwater world of astonishing splendor.

Wildlife you’ll have the opportunity to observe

At sea:

  • Galapagos Shark
  • Hammerhead Shark
  • Blacktip and Whitetip Sharks
  • Sea Turtles
  • Manta Rays
  • Sunfish
  • Dolphins
  • Sea Lions
  • Starfish
  • Sea Urchins
  • Various species of fish


  • Blue-footed Boobies
  • Nazca Boobies
  • Pelicans
  • Frigatebirds


Short wetsuit


mascara snorkel

Snorkel mask

IMPORTANT: All passengers must arrive at the agency one day before the tour for equipment testing between 3:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.

Tour includes:






Life jacket

Natural guide

Snorkel equipment



Arrival and boarding

All passengers must be at the agency by 7:45 a.m. on the day of the tour. At 8:00 a.m., we will head to Acuario I Pier, where you will meet your naturalist guide and commence your exciting journey towards Kicker Rock.

Exploring along the way
As we sail, you’ll have the chance to spot playful dolphins and various bird species. Upon reaching Kicker Rock, you’ll witness the majesty of this volcanic lava formation. Your naturalist guide will immerse you in a detailed narrative about the place and its captivating creatures.
Inmersion into the underwater world
You’ll experience two thrilling snorkeling sessions. The first takes place in the channel between the two rocks, while the second occurs at the western corner of the formation. Depending on ocean conditions, your guide might suggest other sites or a longer dive. Each session lasts approximately 45 minutes. Here, you’ll witness a diverse cast of marine species, from Galapagos sharks to turtles, manta rays, dolphins, and much more.
Bird Watching and Marine Marvels

The waters around the rock are not only teeming with marine life but also fascinating birds. Blue-footed boobies, Nazca boobies, pelicans, and frigatebirds grace the skies and the surroundings. This place is a true biodiversity paradise where the marine and avian realms intersect.

Exploring on land
After visiting Kicker Rock, you’ll disembark at one of the beautiful beaches, either Manglesito, Puerto Grande, or Cerro Brujo, depending on the itinerary. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to take a walk along the coast and immerse yourself in another exciting snorkeling session.
Return and farewell
After a day full of exploration, the return to the port is scheduled for around 3:00 p.m., adjusted according to ocean conditions. Carry with you the unforgettable memories of your experience at Kicker Rock in the Galápagos.



Bring sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, a water bottle, personal items for your trip.


If you have your own snorkeling or diving equipment, you can bring it either one day prior and leave it at the agency or on the day of the tour.


This itinerary is subject to changes at the discretion of the Galápagos National Park and your naturalist guide. For instance, you might visit the beach first and Kicker Rock second in certain cases, depending on ocean conditions. We take safety seriously and always strive to provide you with the best and safest experience.

In light of the pandemic, we have implemented strict cleanliness policies. Each piece of equipment is thoroughly disinfected between uses, the agency, and the boat are cleaned daily. Hand sanitizer is available at all times.


Tour price

There will be two snorkeling sessions here; the first, you will enter the water in the channel that cuts through the middle of the rock, “shark alley,” and in the second, you’ll be at the eastern corner.



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